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--Acid Regeneration

Acid Regeneration Plant (ARP)

ARP is a necessity to pickling line (PL) for it reuses hydrochloric acid and prevents pollution. It is complement of PL in a Cold Rolling Mill.

The main process brief description:

The waste pickle liquor, pre-concentrated by a Pre-concentrator, is sprayed at the inside top of the reactor (roaster). Combustion gases dry up droplets of sprayed acid. The FeCl2 decomposes as per the formula below:

2 FeCl2 + 2 H2O + 1/2 O2 = Fe2O3 + 4 HCl

The solid iron-oxide-particles fall down to the lower cone of the reactor in the form of powder and are discharged through a rotary valve.

The roast gases consisting of combustion gases, water vapor and hydrogen chloride leave the roaster at the top and pass through a cyclone which separates part of the entrained Fe2 O3 dust. The separated cyclone oxide is discharged through a rotary valve and fed back to the roaster.

The roast gas then enters the pre-concentrator, where it is cooled and cleaned by direct contact with the re-circulated acid and enters an absorption column.

To absorb the hydrogen chloride gas, de-mineralized water or rinse is fed to the top of the absorber where a nozzle distributes the water onto the packing of the absorber. In the counter-current flow, the hydrogen chloride content of the gas is absorbed thereby forming regenerated acid.

Acid Regeneration Plant:

WPL (waste pickled acid) entering the plant:  3000-8000 l/h.

Regenerated acid total HCl - content: approx. 190 - 210 g/l     (bound + free)

Fe-concentration: approx. 5 g/l



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