Rolling Guides

We can supply various types of guides for all kinds of rolling mills, as well as the customized ones as per requirements or drawing of the user. 


Guides Maintenance


For high Production continuous rolling mills we recommend proportionally distributed grease or air/oil lubrication. The requested quantity of lubricant varies considerably depending on application, size of guide and rolling speed. For this a case to case evaluation has to be made in order to find the correct quantity and the best lubricant.

Mounting of Guides

There are many different ways of mounting the twist guides in the mill stands according to the design and layout of the rolling mill. E.g. the guides can be fitted with fixed bases or can be cassette mounted.

Setting of Guides

The setting and adjustment of the twist angle is made by a single setting screw. The setting is symmetrical around the pass line.

Cooling Water

These Guides have a single point water inlet and the twist rollers are cooled via nozzles. The twist guide also Provides additional cooling to the roll groove. Cooling water quality is the same as for roll cooling, i.e. industrial water, which should be free of salt and sediment.

Coolant Connections

The twist guides can be fitted with connecting points for hoses or quick releasing couplings.